Software Developments

As the hardware development possibilities at Darmstadt were limited Prof. Keedy worked there from 1982 to 1985 on software related aspects of the projects. The elimination of a file system in the Monads philosophy made it necessary to think about how persistent objects could be organized in the virtual memory. A former research student from Monash, Mark Evered, moved to Darmstadt with Prof. Keedy and worked there on the development of a new very high level programming language, called Leibniz, for this purpose. Leibniz is a persistent programming language which supports information hiding modules (including files) and allows them to be structured as sets and sequences of smaller objects. It is more fully described elsewhere. While in Monash Prof. Keedy and his students had also given some attention to support for efficient synchronization primitives. He developed these ideas further in Darmstadt together with his research assistant Bernd Freisleben.